Friday, July 22, 2016

Has it really been over a year???

OK, so I must apologize...I have dropped the ball on the blogging thing lately!  Badly... however...I have an update!!  Our beautiful Maddie has gotten her braces off!! Yay!!  June 24th was debond day for her at our new Clarence office :-)

(On a side note, we are very excited about our beautiful new Clarence office, located at 9520 Main Street, corner of Goodrich, at Willow Square)

Debond Day with Mom & Dr. Dad

Madison does not have a straightforward orthodontic case.  She has a rather substantial overbite which we have decided as a family, with Dad's educational expertise and insight, to address later on with surgery.  Right now though, her teeth are beautifully aligned  and look very pretty.  Madison is 13 years old now and is still growing, so this surgery, known as corrective jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, will be performed a few years down the road after her bone growth is complete (probably around age 16). There are several indications for this type of surgery that you can read about by clicking on the link below.

Madison's issue is a receding lower jaw/chin.  This is something that is genetic for her, yep, thank the parents for that!  She's got it from both sides, unfortunately.  The effects of this surgery can be dramatic for a person's facial profile and overall appearance.  This surgery is performed by a specialist known as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (see 2nd link below for more about these specialists).

So, for now, we are very happy with her smile and she has taken many selfies since the braces came off!  Shannon (one of our awesome team members) took her impressions and had her clear Essix retainers made.  She was instructed to wear them constantly for a few days (except when she's eating) and then to put them on after dinner and wear them through the night.  She had a little bit of discomfort at first, but with Dad's constant encouragement to continue wearing them, they became more comfortable as she adjusted to them.  (He kind of knows what he's talking about...)

Here's some photos of our beautiful braces-free young lady!

Debond Selfie!

Oh, how she's changed!
(First photo before her Phase I treatment with an expander- Age 8)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You've got me in chains...

As of Memorial Day, it has been 1 year since Madison's journey with braces began!  During her last adjustment, Dr. Dad put on what is known as a "power chain".  A power chain is essentially a series of elastic ligatures (like the colored ones you see around each bracket) that are all linked together.

An example of upper and lower power chains

So what is the purpose of these elastics?  They are used to close gaps between teeth by applying slightly more tension to move your teeth faster.  If you have had any teeth removed prior to braces, as Madison had, this may be a part of your treatment plan at some point, to close that extra space.

When these elastics are first put on, your teeth may ache for a few days and require softer foods, but this subsides quickly.  Nothing that a little Tylenol or Advil can't handle.  You may also have to spend a bit more time brushing to make sure the areas around the elastic is getting cleaned well.

These elastics come in lots of colors too, so you can change it up and personalize your smile at each visit!  Maddie chose a light blue for hers... they also come in more subtle colors if you want them to blend in a bit more.  You may have seen some bracelets that have brackets and elastics on them... these "braced-lets" as they are called, are actually made from power chains around brackets!

When I look at the pictures below, I realize how much girls can change in 1 year!  Oh boy!  My little girl is growing up (as tall as me now, and will soon be taller!)...

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer in WNY!

-Madison's mom

Madison -July 2014 (6 weeks into treatment)

April 2015 (before power chain)
see the gap between her front teeth...

   June 2015- 13 months into treatment, 
(with power chain) that space has closed significantly!

Monday, March 23, 2015

What is decalcification?

I would say we are overdue for an update!  Madison has been doing really great with her braces.  She is now about 10 months into treatment.  She has been really good about brushing and keeping everything nice and clean, which is so important.  Luckily, she has been well-educated on decalcification (those white spots you can get on your teeth if your hygiene is taking a backseat)!

Example of decalcification seen after brace removal

Anyone is at risk for decalcification, as it is caused by plaque build-up due to poor oral hygiene.  This is a sign of early tooth decay.  How can it be prevented?  By using the tools (toothbrush and floss) and following the hygiene instructions provided to you that first day you get your braces on. When brushing and flossing, pay special attention to the areas right around the brackets and wires, and be sure to get up into that gumline. It is also helpful to stay away from sugary soda and other foods high in sugar acids.  We can also provide you with Prevident toothpaste to be used once a day.  Prevident is a fluoride toothpaste available by prescription only or through our office, which helps prevent and reverse white spot lesions. For more information about Prevident ask one of our team members at your next visit or check out their website at  Madison has been using Prevident at her bedtime brushing since Day 1.

On another note, we did have one issue pop up recently... It was time for Madison's orthodontic adjustment.  We did not realize that she had a Middle School band audition coming up on the following Tuesday!  Her adjustment was done on Saturday, so she was a bit sore that weekend...which means, she wasn't too keen on practicing her clarinet with her sore teeth. But with a little bit of Ibuprofen and some softer foods, she was ready to go.... and she said the audition went very well! She also uses her Acceledent device to assist with any soreness. ( Did you miss the post about Acceledent....get it here. )

Thank you so much for reading our blog!  

Smile more at Forcier Orthodontics!

Monday, November 10, 2014

What is AcceleDent?

When I started my ortho treatment, my orthodontist (Dad) gave me this device called the AcceleDent. It helps the teeth move faster by vibrations. It has two parts: the vibration part (Activator) and the mouthpiece part (similar to a mouthguard). It also comes with a charger.  

So how do you use it? First, if the two parts aren't connected, do so. Next, you'll obviously put the mouthpiece part in your mouth. Then, you push the circular button and you'll feel a vibration. Make sure all of your teeth are touching the mouthpiece. After 10 minutes, the vibration will stop and start, about 3 or 4 times.  that's how you know that you are half way done. The vibrating will continue and go on for 10 more minutes. After  20 minutes of vibrating, it will stop and that means you're done.!

I thought it felt weird the 1st time, but after a few times, you'll feel like it's not even in your mouth. Trust me. You should though, really make sure, and I know I said this before, keep all your teeth touching the mouthguard so it helps to move all your teeth faster.  If you are having trouble, you should talk to your orthodontist about it.
The AcceleDent device

The travel case with device and charger

After you do it a lot, you'll notice a change. Your teeth become straighter a lot faster than they normally would (research studies have shown up to 50% faster)!  Also, after you get an adjustment, your teeth will probably be sore, am I right? When you use your AcceleDent, it can actually make your teeth feel better! 

Showing some spirit at the local football game!

And now a word from my mom:

Madison has been doing great with her braces so far!  She had her lower braces put on in September and has had no issues whatsoever.  I was concerned about her playing her clarinet, but that has not seemed to be an issue for her.  

She also made it through Halloween unscathed, but I did need to remind her today that Skittles is NOT a braces-friendly treat!  

The toughest part with the AcceleDent has been remembering to actually use it, especially on busier days.  It is very easy to use while doing homework, reading, or texting friends because it is hands-free.  So, making it part of a routine has been the only challenge.  The micro-vibration technology has been around for years and used for osteopenic women and athletes looking to heal quicker from broken bones.  It has been used in orthodontic applications for several years, is now an FDA approved device, and starting to be used by more state-of-the-art orthodontic practices and orthodontists looking to improve outcomes and the patient experience (like my husband!).  It charges by a USB charging port and you can even plug it into your computer to track the usage, which is pretty cool.

To find out more about AcceleDent, ask the staff at Forcier Orthodontics and visit our website or check out AcceleDent at  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Braces...Scary or nah?

Hi guys, it's Madison with another blog post! I'm going to give you the scoop of getting my braces on. I was really excited to get them on. I got to pick out heart-shaped brackets called Wild Smiles. I laid back in the chair and the doctor (Dad) got to work. First, he tried out different rings (bands) to go on all 4 of my molars. It took a while, but he finally found ones that fit:) Next, he applied the glue on the 7 teeth that were getting braces.  Next, he put on the heart-shaped brackets. He put this thing (lip retractors) in my mouth so my tongue or anything else wouldn't get in the way. Then he trimmed the wire and aligned it across my brackets. Then he tightened the wire, which only made me cringe a little bit. Then he did the other side, adjusting the wire, then twisting and turning. When I was done, I couldn't wait to see myself! I looked pretty great! Here's a pic of me.

                                  A closeup of the heart-shaped brackets with pink and aqua elastic ties
This is a lip retractor
Right after, nothing hurt and I was surprised. Later that day, I was sore. My teeth were hurting because they couldn't wait to move! I took some ibuprofen and it helped a little. It was especially hard eating. My teeth would be really sore. I don't really mind not being able to chew gum or jawbreakers or whatever because I don't really eat that stuff. Later in the week and the weeks to follow, the soreness slowly went away. I didn't feel anything. Every month, I go to get them "tightened". I've had my braces "tightened" once so far. Again soreness for like a day. Well, if you're getting braces, don't be worried, and you know where to go;)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bonding day!

Finally...we have put this off long enough!  Madison had her braces put on a week ago, Sunday!  Yes, Sunday, because that's what happens when your Dad is your orthodontist.  Madison had 3 band performances the week before, and although the braces would likely have little affect on it, Darren decided it was best to ease her anxiety and wait until those were over.  He is a smart guy...there's a good chance I wouldn't have thought about that.  But it has been about 6 weeks since her extractions so it was time to get a move on!

   The before shot..

Her teeth have shifted a bit since the extractions, just from having the extra room.  Darren calls it "drifto-dontics."  The body really is an amazing thing.  Normally, orthodontists put in spacers a week before banding (putting the metal bands around the molars) but this wasn't necessary since she had teeth removed.  So, bands were fitted and cemented, and they were on their way!  Brayden and I headed outside to pull some weeds (because that's what a wife of an orthodontist does when you own your own business).   I'm sure Madison didn't really want little bro hanging around during the process anyway.

I checked on her off and on during the bonding process (placing the brackets on the teeth and 'curing' them with a special light). She was doing great!  The worst part for her was probably the lip retractors, stretching the lips away from the teeth to keep them nice and dry.  I took a pic, but was told I CANNOT PUT IT ON FACEBOOK OR THE BLOG!'s a great pic though!   

After about 30 minutes, give or take, as I was not actually keeping track, all the brackets were on and it was time to put the arch wire in.  Then came the best part for every kid...picking the colors for the elastic ties that go around each bracket!  She chose to alternate pink and aqua...awesome combo. With that, she was done!  We were given a bag of goodies (special flossers, toothpaste, wax) and instructions for how to keep your braces clean.  She also got a fancy shmancy electric toothbrush, which will make brushing her teeth a breeze! And let me tell you, this is the iPhone of toothbrushes!  

After a stop at Starbucks for a frappe (the tween girls' favorite drink stop, just ask Instagram...), we headed home.  She started to feel some soreness a couple of hours later, so I gave her some Tylenol.  Dinner was a little difficult and she mostly stuck to pasta salad and the toppings off the flatbread pizza I made.   

Bedtime came and it was time to pull out the brushing instructions...glad I had them, since we didn't get the +20 minute cleaning instructions from Shannon (one of our wonderful dental assistants) as is normally done at the office on bonding day!  We got the proxy brush out to clean under the wires and between brackets. Would have been more helpful to use the brush holder I did not know about until after-the-fact!  Oh well, you learn from your mistakes, right?!  The electric toothbrush had to charge up so we just used her regular toothbrush...but can't wait to see this awesome toothbrush in action!  

    The after shots...are we having too much fun? Nah!

    Madison and her favorite orthodontist!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One week later...

  It has been 1 week since Madison's extractions and she is feeling great.  I do need to state a disclaimer though, as with any surgery, or injury, everyone heals differently and every body reacts uniquely to each situation.  We must understand this and take things as it comes.  I am grateful that Madison tolerated the procedure well and healed without complications .

  It was 2 days of soft, puréed foods, then we graduated to pancakes, mac n cheese, pasta, etc.  Thursday, she was dying for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (a fave) at lunch and was able to handle pork chops cut up into small pieces at dinner.  And cookies!!  I made Easter cut out cookies that day and Madison can never pass up a cookie!  The only thing she needed to avoid at that point was rice, or anything seedy, like quinoa, which I made for dinner that night thinking she would be able to eat it no problem.  Not so.  Seeds or small grains could get into the wounds, get stuck and cause an infection.  So she had some mashed potatoes instead.

  Of course this past weekend was Easter (and her twin cousins' 2nd birthday!) and yes, she say the least!  Always followed by good tooth brushing as it should be!  

  Next on the agenda, a visit to the general dentist in a few weeks for a thorough cleaning!